Predavanje o slovenskih stereotipih za študente Univerze v Tokiu

Ko sem ob 9h po našem času pričela predavati, je v Tokiu ura bila že 16. popoldne. Pogled v prihodnost mi pravi, da bo danes (še) dober dan!
Hvala/Thanks #tufs_slovene and to all students for having me!
S študenti #universityoftokyo sem se danes pogovarjala o naših slovenskih stereotipih, navadah in kulturnih posebnostih.
The Slovenian phenomenon – among stereotypes, cultural peculiarities and habits
Each nation has created its cultural peculiarities, which gives it a stamp of difference, uniqueness and specificity. Small national truths often create stereotypical assumptions, hiding in national jokes and vocabulary.
The lecture, intended for foreign students, will present Slovenes precisely through these national peculiarities, habits and adopted stereotypes. It will touch on the ways of dressing, the use of beauty practices (especially for women), the informal laws of social life and interpersonal relationships. The lecture will be based on statistical facts and will be supported by the findings of various social surveys and cultural studies.

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